Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1

    • Introduction to Arduino and different projects we could do with Arduino.

    • Introduction to Embedded Systems.

    • Introduction to Microprocessor

    • Introduction to Microcontroller.

    • Need for Embedded Systems and different accessories we could use with Arduino.

    • Different Projects we can build with Arduino.

    • Let's review the concept and significance of Prototyping.

    • Let's discuss about need and advantages of using Simulation tools.

    • Introduction to our Arduino simulation tool - TinkerCAD.

    • Creating First Circuit project in TinkerCAD

    • Different options with Arduino simulation in Circuits of TinkerCAD.

    • Quick Review about Breadboard

    • Connecting Arduino simulation with Breadboard in TinkerCAD.

    • Let's discuss how to power Breadboard connected to Arduino in TinkerCAD.

    • Let's discuss about connecting LED on Breadboard connected to Arduino in TinkerCAD

    • Let's walk through the need for Resistor.

    • Let's discuss about Digital Output and Analog Output.

    • Connecting the LED to the analog output of Arduino.

    • Let's start writing the code using Blocks for our circuit.

    • Let's use the relevant Blocks (of Code) to turn on and off our LED.

    • Let's now test our LED turn on/off project and control the project behavior with different settings.

    • Let's try to use a button in our LED project.

    • Let's review the need for if..else block in our circuit.

    • Let's complete the code (using Blocks) for our LED project with switch.

    • Let's test our LED project with switch.

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    Chapter 2