Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1

    • Overview

    • Creating in a VR Space - Visualizing objects in 3D

    • TinkerCAD - Software which we will be using

    • Create an account and Login to TinkerCAD

    • Walk through of TinkerCAD features for creating new 3D design

    • Walk through of adding basic 3D shapes to your workspace in TinkerCAD

    • Navigating in the 3D space

    • How to Rotate the Object

    • Different view types

    • Navigating basic functionalities of TinkerCAD continued

  • 2

    Chapter 2

    • Vector file needed for our Beginner project

    • Download the file

    • Import the Vector file into TinkerCAD

    • Align the imported Vector

    • First Project overview & demo

    • Adding text to our project

    • Resize the text and placing it in the base

    • Centering the text

    • Combining (Group) the objects together

    • Rotate the vector

    • Positioning the vector on top of the base

    • Positioning the vector on top of the base continued

    • Grouping all objects together

    • Finishing up our Beginner project

    • Congratulations on completing this course!